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Are you a screenwriter, playwright or filmmaker? Are you creating art that is funny, imaginative, and impactful… Art that moves people?

Art not only impacts the lives of individuals and communities, but it also shapes our society as a whole. It mirrors our thoughts and feelings, it shows us how to treat others. As beautiful and meaningful as art is, it has also been equally harmful. Art, Media, and Film have introduced and cemented some of the harmful BIASES that ALL of us hold. Racism, Sexism, Colorism, Fatphbia, Transphobia and Ableism are present in nearly everything we consume, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

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Our company can take your writing and art to the next level by uncovering and diminishing harmful stereotypes in characters and storylines. We provide cultural context and nuance to help with character development AND meaningful-authentic storytelling. Most writers do not intend to be harmful, perpetuate negative stereotypes or further marginalize human beings in their work, but intentions and impact are two very different things. We help you align your intentions with your impact. We Balance The Scales. 

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What We Offer

  • Live 1-on-1 consulting (Virtual or In-Person)
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Efficient Turn Arounds 
  • Hourly Contracts or Monthly Retainers

We Strive to

  • Reduce Harm in Film and Storytelling by uncovering and diminishing specious and inconspicuous biases
  • Increase Opportunities for Marginalized Actors, Writers and FilmMakers
  • Showcase Agency and Nuance in BIPOC, Disabled, Fat and Marginalized Gender Characters.
  • Collaborate to Create Impactful, Authentic, Meaningful Art that speaks to audiences in a DIVERSE, EQUITABLE AND INCLUSIVE way.

Don’t Take our Word for it…

“After just one session with Janelle, I felt considerably clearer about how to approach my work from a more inclusive and equitable perspective… Janelle leads from a place of compassion and candor. She also empowers her clients to lead from that same place of compassion with more confidence. I wish every writer could work with Janelle. Expanding our awareness of our capacity to cause harm not only reduces that harm – it strengthens our output. I am so grateful to have found her and excited to continue learning from her.” 

Halley Fieffer, Actor and Writer
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“Films ranked below average for diversity take a financial hit at the box office, compared to films ranked above average”

– According to the AIR Report by UCLA Center for Scholar and Storytellers

“The conventional wisdom has been, you can’t have a film with a minority lead because it’s not going to travel well overseas — and films make most of their money overseas…What our study is suggesting is that that logic is false.”

 Dr. Darnell Hunt, Bunche Center Director

Hollywood’s Lack of Diversity is Costing it Millions. Here’s why.

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