We Believe In – transforming hearts, minds and actions to promote and sustain equity, safety, and inclusion.

Janelle Scales Consulting believes in transforming hearts, minds and actions to promote and sustain equity, safety and inclusion. Our mission is to center and create safety for marginalized members in corporate and educational settings, with the understanding that improving the space for the marginalized means improving the space for the entire organization. When individuals have the safety and agency to operate as their authentic selves, without facing abuse or being ostracized their unique and valuable skills are able to shine. Collaboration, creativity, ingenuity and passion are the by-products of feeling safe and accepted.

This Los Angeles based company is owned by Black disabled woman. We partner with schools, state agencies and corporations to shift culture and create pathways for accountability and connectivity. Contact us today if are looking to shift mindsets, culture and actions in your organization. Your presence on this page means you are already on the journey let us help you go farther. Visit janellescales.com or email janelle@janellescales.com for a consultation.

Janelle Scales (she/her/hers)


Janelle Scales is an organizer, activist, storyteller, and writer. She has been educating children and adults for over 8 years on social justice topics including but not limited to racism, sexism, transphobia, ableism etc.

Her personal conviction and commitment to social justice resonates, convicts and inspires audiences to engage in self reflection and community action.

She is the co-founder of Neighbors Not Nuisance and organization committed to caring for the most vulnerable members of our society. Co-host of Love is Justus, a podcast centering the voices of Black women. She is a homeschool educator and mother.

When she isn’t consulting, hosting classes, or participating in local politics she loves to cook, spend time with friends and take her daughters on adventures.

Chantel Vaultz (she/her/hers)


As an educator and teacher trainer, Chantel Vaultz has spent over a decade working in the realm of education. She is passionate about learning and therefore has worked with students ranging from primary to post-graduate. Her dedication lies in cultivating creativity, enriching lives through action, and promoting sensitivity to diversity.
As the founder of Sistahs READ, a national book club for women of color, she authored a text on how to create and maintain an engaging and lasting book club through relationship cultivation and intentional design. 
Chantel Vaultz’s experience working with educators and leaders across the nation has provided her with the necessary experience to effectively connect with all. Consistently, educators proclaim that her trainings are unique, engaging, and informative. 


Let’s make something together.

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